Candock is the #1 Solution for floating docks in Florida. Our floating docks are of the highest quality, modular, maintenance-free, easy to install, use and move; unsinkable (foam filled), UV-treated, and can be delivered same or next day!

JetROLL connected to a Candock

Jet Ski Dock

Candock is the best Solution for Jet Ski dock! Go up and down in 2 seconds, keep your jet ski secured, without barnacles or trailer. Candock is the #1 provider for Jet ski rental businesses in Florida.

Boat Lift Candock

Boat Dock

Candock floating dock is the easiest and fastest way to dock your boat! Just go up and down in seconds. Save huge money on maintenance and be done with trailers, barnacles, bottom paint, rusty lifts etc…

Floating Dock

Floating Dock

Create a floating dock that fits your needs: any shape, any use… The possibilities are endless: Marinas, Kayak launching platform, floating platform, heliport, boat dock… The only limit is your imagination.

Why Choose Candock?

Candock is easy to use

Easy to use

The Candock system is the easiest and fastest PWC floating dock to use. Just drive it up and push it down, and off you go!

Candock is maintenance free

Maintenance Free

With the Candock system, the concept of “maintenance-free” means ZERO maintenance – no more, no less. No more lost time, no more expense, and no more work to be done on a conventional wooden or metal dock year after year.

Candock is unsinkable

Unsinkable Jetslide

The Jetslide is a unique piece designed and patented by Candock on which the hull of the PWC rests. It is foam filled, making your dock virtually unsinkable.

Easy to assemble Candock

Easy to Assemble

The Candock system is simple: blocks closely and firmly held together by special mounting screws. All pieces are light and easy to handle. It is so easy you can assemble it yourself!

Floating dock configuration


Trading your jet ski for a boat? Getting another jet ski? Just add some cubes! With Candock you can assemble them to create whatever shape and size you like. The configuration options are limitless… Just use your imagination!

Floating dock saves money on maintenance

Save money on maintenance

No more bottom paint, anodes, electrolysis, rust, barnacles, etc. Save tons of money on maintenance and keep your boat’s value high. Your Candock basically pays itself.

Candock Accessories

Cool Accessories

Candock offers the most complete range of accessories for your dock to make it fit your all needs: ladders, gangways, cleats, bumpers, kayak racks, diving boards, lights, and more!

Anchoring Candock

Anchoring options

Candock offers the most anchoring options. Whatever your situation, we can secure your dock to virtually anything: a floating dock, a wooden dock, a sea bed, a sea wall, even at the bottom of the ocean!

Candock basic products under warranty for 20 years

Up to 20-year warranty

This is how confident we are in our product! We offer a 20-year warranty on the cubes and a 5-year limited warranty on the Jetslides.

Floating dock fast delivery

Fast Delivery

We stock locally! We can deliver and install sometimes in 24 hours! We’ll arrive faster than your jet ski!

UV treatment on floating dock

UV Inhibited

We use premium UV inhibitors. That prevent the plastic from changing color, cracking and degrading prematurely.

Candock Service

Great Service

Our highly reactive Candock staff is available when you need it: by phone, email, social media, through our extensive dealer network. And if you move with your dock, we will be there too thanks to our extensive Candock dealers network!

Candock High Quality

High Quality

The Candock system is made of High density polyethylene resin (not recycled plastic). This makes Candock very resistant to impact, climate change, water, sun, and many chemical products.

Candock in dock business

Manufacturing docks for > 20 years

Candock has been in business for over 20 years. Candock has a large R&D department, a team of engineers, and has been distributed worldwide for decades. Candock owns its manufacturing facilities.

Candock Canadian Dollar

Made in Canada

Candocks are made in Canada. For the last few years, the very strong US Dollar makes Canadian products much more affordable because of the exchange rate. So you get high quality for less money.

Candock Environment

Environmentally friendly

The modular structure components do not oxidize or deteriorate. This means that the floating dock will stay in its natural state. It is also recyclable plastic.

About Candock Floating Dock

Candock Miami is South East Florida’s dealer for Candock. Candock is the #1 Solution for floating docks in Florida. It is the preferred choice of water sports centers because it is:

  • Easy to use: in and out of the water in 2 seconds!
  • Easy to assemble: you can even do it yourself!
  • Durable: a long term investment.
  • Virtually unsinkable due to the foam filled Jet Slide technology.
  • Maintenance free: that’s right! Zero maintenance!
  • Saves tons of money on your watercraft’s maintenance: no more diver, bottom paint, stress of a malfunctioning bilge pump, electrolysis, just no more…
  • Easy to move: getting a new home? Just take your floating dock with you!
  • Easy to reconfigure: getting another jet ski or a bigger boat? Just add some cubes!
  • Attachable to anything: sea bed, wooden dock, floating dock, sea wall, etc!
  • High quality: Made of High density polyethylene resin (not recycled plastic)
  • Light color: Candock is beige or grey to keep the heat away!
  • Best bank for the buck! You can enjoy lower prices due to the value of Canadian currency.

From jet skis to boats and multi-vessel installations, Candock Miami can tailor a bespoke package designed to your individual application.

Replace those rusting and rotting metal and wooden docks with the latest in high-density floating resin! It’s a system that dramatically reduces the maintenance cost of both your craft and your dock… and with our prices so low it’ll pay for itself in no time.

Candock is proven to be the most reliable and flexible docking system available on the market, and offers the best value for money too… at Candock Miami that’s a promise you can bank on!

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