Our FAQ section will help you answering the most common convers our prospective customers have.

What makes Candock different from the other floating dock cubes brands?

  • It is made of high density resin, not from recycled plastic. Therefore it is much stronger, durable and UV protected.
  • Our cubes are beige or grey, therefore they keep the heat away more than dark color cubes.
  • The design is better looking, the cubes are flat (not bubbly) and the Edge cubes look very sharp.
  • Channels are design so that water and dirt can always flow and never accumulate in “pockets”
  • The cubes have a plug that allow for the cube to adjust with various temperatures and pressures.
  • The pins are screws, which makes the assemble blocks very strong together. Competitors use a simple lock and turn which is not strong or durable.
  • Accessories and anchoring: Candock has by far the widest array of accessories and anchoring products. Candock can attach to virtually anything.
  • We carry stock locally: so unless your project is very specific, we can usually deliver in a few days.


Candock Vs other Type of Floating docks

Candock’s jet ski floating dock is the best solution because it is:

  • safe
  • maintenance-free
  • reliable
  • uses the Jetslide which foam filled, your dock is virtually unsinkable.
  • offers the option of the Edge cubes which is aesthetically pleasing

It just never fails.

On the other hand, traditional mechanical boat lifts and other floating docks can be:

  • expensive
  • require high maintenance
  • rusty
  • get hot because if are dark colored
  • have electrical or hydraulic components that fail over time
  • can sink easily if they rely only on a few floats
  • are difficult to move to a new location
  • cannot be extended
  • use cranes which creates stress on the hull
  • are notoriously difficult to adapt to personal watercraft
  • use wheels that become rusty and accumulate dirty water.
  • does not look good


Do Candock floating docks require permits?

It depends on your city and county. In South East Florida, some cities request permits from DERM and the city even if your dock is only tied with ropes and your installation is temporary. Some other cities will allow a floating dock to be anchored with poles without any kind of permit.

If permits are required, they will have to be requested through a licensed marine contractor.

It is very important that you check with your local bodies of regulations what are your specific requirements. It is the customer’s responsibility to do so. No exchange or refund will be issued for permitting issues. 


Terms and Conditions: All sales final



How to maintain my Candock floating dock?

There is nothing to do to maintain your dock! It is possible to scrape the bottom of it if you do not want to have too much growth underneath. But there is no need to do anything. Do not use paint on your dock.


What do do with my dock in case of a major storm?

Candock will honor your warranty for waves up to 2′. In case of a storm, the Candock has to be taken our of the water. Do not leave your boat or PWC on your dock in case of a storm.