For PWC or Boats up to 13’ and 1250 lbs The Candock modular floating dock system is the most reliable drive-on floating dock ever! - REMAINS AFLOAT: The Jetslide is made of new-generation plastic, which makes it more efficient. Thanks to its foam-filled interior, it will remain afloat, even under the worst conditions! - EASY ON AND OFF: A quick push or acceleration and you are on/off your dock! Jet slide is only 1 piece so the PWC doesn't stick on any part! - MAINTENANCE-FREE (100% PLASTIC): no rusty rollers, holes accumulating water, rusty metal parts! - UNLIMITED NUMBER OF CONFIGURATIONS: Getting a bigger boat? Just add a few more cubes! - LIGHTWEIGHT, STURDY AND SAFE - POLLUTION AND UV RESISTANT - EASY AND QUICK ASSEMBLY: we send you the tools, just follow easy instructions! - 5 Years Limited Warranty must be activated on Candock website