Z-bracket 16″ in SS316

Z-bracket 16″ in SS316


The 16″ stainless steel 316 Z-bracket + 2 U-shape bolts allow to anchor the dock to a fixed structure.

Posts are not included. Requires a galvanized post under the PVC post.

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The 16″ Z-bracket in Stainless Steel 316 allows to anchor the dock to a fixed structure. This hardware is used for the anchoring of a Candock floating dock facing a fixed structure.


  • 1 Z-shaped Stainless Steel 316 plate providing a 16″ clearance
  • 2 U-shaped bolts to secure the piles to the Z-plate

Not included: The addition of Steel piles, PVC sleeves and caps are necessary.

Additional information

Weight 11.70 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 8 × 8 in


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